Milad Tower

Milad Tower — 85/10/3

Milad Tower

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/320 sec, Apreture:F/8, ISO:100

~ by Amir on 24 December, 2006.

7 Responses to “Milad Tower”

  1. I see this tower every morning on my way to uni.
    it’s quite a sight against the blue sky!
    well done.

  2. Man tabestoon Tehran ke boodam, borje Milado harrooz mididam waghti mikhastim berim biroon!!
    Kheili zibast, man asheghe Iranam!!!

  3. Nice tower! Regards.

  4. manam haruz ino mibinamo be khodam mirinam

  5. man delam vaseh iran tang shodeh :(:(

  6. I really like it!
    Well done..

  7. i havent seen this tower yet but i am seeing a tower look like it evry day in malaysia.actually i am from iran but im living in malaysia.

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