Tehran Summer Rain

Tehran, Tehran Summer Rain, 86/4/4

Tehran Summer Rain

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/25 sec, Apreture:F/4.5, ISO:800 @ 62mm

~ by Amir on 25 June, 2007.

13 Responses to “Tehran Summer Rain”

  1. It has been raining here too for the last 48 hours!

  2. Such a Hot Rain !

  3. Nice picture.

  4. WoOoOoOoOw, very nice and beautiful.
    That’s great.
    I wish I was under this rain.

    Best wish

  5. nice….

  6. These are beautiful pictures – you inspire me to dust off my old Nikons

  7. you have some absolutely gorgeous photographgs up here. i really like this one a lot. its monsoon time in Pakistan..or almost monsoon. and that means chaos most of the times – both joyous and tragic.
    rain – what a fantastically beautiful thing!

  8. Very nice header on this blogsite. You have some other great pix. I’m glad I ran across this. . .

  9. great picture!!


  10. nice photograph

  11. سلام
    اين مطلب رو كه درباره دريافت فيلتر شكن روزانه توي گوگل هست بخون :
    چطوري وقتي اينجا فيلتره مطالب رو بخونم ؟

    موفق باشي / باي

  12. congratulation!
    very nice pic

  13. most of people think that when it’s raining ,we may feel a special feeling but I think the rain is a special feeling that some of us may feel that

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