Tehran International Tower Sunset

Tehran International Tower Sunset, 86/4/24, View from Kurdistan Exp.way

Tehran International Tower Sunset

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/160 sec, Apreture: F/6.3, ISO:100 @ 17mm

~ by Amir on 15 July, 2007.

8 Responses to “Tehran International Tower Sunset”

  1. Hi

    I happy I can first set comment in your web very easily.:D
    This photo of Tehran International Tower Sunset is very nice and beautiful. That’s great.
    Light of sunset in back tower, WoOoOoOoOoOoOoOw, very beautiful and great.

    Best Wish

  2. Brilliant

  3. I wish I could take pictures like that, I try, yet they never turn out as spectacular as I wished.

  4. I like how you incorporated natural lighting into this picture. While the building seems cold and sterile…you have incorporated the setting sun in the background giving the whole image a more natural feel. Me likes…

  5. dear friend
    would uou please send me this photo and other photo of tehran tower without your email address on the picture.
    thanks alot.

  6. بسیار زیباست. مخصوصا شعاعهای نور که از پشت ساختمان پیداست. دلم برای ایران و خیابونهاش تنگ شد. رنگهای آسمون با اون پرچمهای صورتی پایین خیلی قشنگ به نظر میاد. ممنون.

  7. سلام.بابا دمت گرم واقعا” عالیه.من در و دیوار اتاقو با عکس بزرگترین و مدرن ترین و زیباترین برجهای دنیا تزئین کردم.ولی هر عکسی از برج بین الملی دیدم جالب نبود.ولی این عکس فوق العاده هستش.دمت گرم

  8. khili 20 eani madar begoozad begoozaaad

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