Gypsies in Metro

Tehran, Gypsies in Metro, 86/6/21

Gypsies in Metro

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/60sec, Apreture:F/2.8, ISO:1600 @ 17mm

~ by Amir on 14 September, 2007.

26 Responses to “Gypsies in Metro”

  1. You have quite an eye for unique situations.

  2. Beautiful people, Beautiful photo. Treat them both with respect

  3. These are not gypsies but Pakistani Shia’s who regularly come to Iran to go on pilgrimage to the holy cities of Mashad or Qom… last year I was in hotel with Mashad and who floor was occupied by a group of them…

    • You are wrong they are not Pakistani shia,if so they should be properly dressed,I am shia from Pakistan in Pakistan shia are not like these people although they are looking like Pakistani ,infact these type of people belong to lower class in Pakistan

    • Pakistani shia are well dress,well educated so they are not shia from Pakistan infact they are poor gypsies living in iran

  4. It looks like you are a prejudice and a naive Photographer with racist mind who intends to make himself famous with degrading the others people. This is not way to show you talent. Keep in your mind all Iranian asshole are not T… I am fucking a lot Iranians girls Can I get Photos put in the Internet and Then says ” Iranian girls”

  5. salam amir aghaye sadeghye aziz!
    vay in axe kheili bahale koli bahash hal kardam!

  6. i love photography and also focus my work in whatever situation i find interesting on the street, i just wish we had a metro in Peru, i’m pretty sure is one of the spots to find good things.
    Keep posting! i like it 🙂

  7. You Overisly Dont No The Difference between gypsies and non gypsies you think that we all live like this but your wrong !!
    i could report u like anything but i wont cause you r overisly silly n need to grow up from your childish life!!!

  8. Regardless of anything – it is a good shot.

    Barikala – Afarin!

    You have a good eye dude.

    Iranian Ajax
    New York City

  9. I have no idea what this website is cuz ive never been to it exept for now and its a good website I go to Regency Place Elementary in kansas and im a girl bye!!!:)

  10. I rock and im cool

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  13. It is against arab traditions and values to let women and children to sit on the floor of this subway/bus while men stay seated. The men should give up their seats. Please reconsider this photo. I am arab and I wish iran peace and prosperity.

  14. Abd al Aziz,

    Arabs treats Gypsies like shit:

    “Despite a deep-seated identification with Middle Eastern culture, the remaining two hundred families endure severe discrimination at the hands of Israelis and their Palestinian neighbours. Once lauded in Persian poetry as unparalleled entertainers, a series of cultural, political, and economic shifts have led the Dom to be regarded as despicable beggars. The shame of being a Gypsy is instilled at an early age when children enter school. Although the Dom consider themselves Palestinian, their non-Arab ethnicity elicits such intense abuse that nearly 60% of the Dom community has failed to complete elementary school.”

  15. khak bar sare har ki in axo gozashte ahmaghe avazi tamame donya fek mikonan hameye iraniha in rikhtian

  16. These are not gypsies. They look, as an above poster said, like pakistanis. I think you put a gypsy spin on it to get more attention.

  17. the Rom come from Pakistani region.


  19. Judge Not for Ye Shall Be Judged Also!

  20. i need some research so my word was gyosies and i found it:)

  21. I really hate this pic! Shame on the photographer for his lack of discretion and poor sense of judgment.

    In spite of their bad circumstances, these people are trying to maintain a sense of dignity, and yet the photographer, who is clearly better off, has none! …to stand there and take this photo infront of a train-full of watching people! (look at the boy in front looking at other people).

    Could you not notice the old man turning his head away in shame? and desperate look of hope on the mothers face? the confusion in the girl (left) face? what were they to do as you stood there above them taking a photograph of them with your fancy camera…cover their face with cloth?

    do you feel more talented for humilitaing and degrading these people like this?… no sir, talent is being able to regognise the plight on the other end of the lense and acurately, and more inportantly, truthfully capture their story.

    My heart breaks when i see this and feel ashamed for them just looking in on their situation.

  22. ina ehtemalan baloch/baluch nistan?

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