1st Snow in Autumn of Tehran

Tehran, 1st Snow in Autumn 2007, 86/7/15

1st Snow in Autumn of Tehran

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/400sec, Apreture:F/7.1, ISO:100 @ 53mm

~ by Amir on 8 October, 2007.

3 Responses to “1st Snow in Autumn of Tehran”

  1. the weather is cold too cold, and i think i don’t become warm at all …
    i want a cup of hot coffee to drink … mabye i become warm , mabye

  2. Very beautiful indeed, but the text on the picture detracts significantly from its effect. 😉

    I’ll be back, I think.

  3. kheyli axe jalebiye , agha man motevajeh nemisham chera inghade ax kam mizarin inja, akhe 1 ya 2 ya doone ax ke be jaye kasi nemirese aziz, baba mashalla dorbin o soojeh ke ziadeh , hala nemidoonam ke shoma mahdoodiyat darin to tedade ax o mozooesh ya na ono nemidoonam vali kheyli kare behtari mitooni eraeh bedi to ke dari hazine mikoni vase in website ,behtare mozooatesho bishtar koni, bazam mamnoon axat ghashangeh

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