Tehran Museum of Modern Art

Tehran, Museum of Modern Art, 86/7/19

Museum of Modern Art

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/100sec, Apreture:F/2.8, ISO:800 @ 17mm

~ by Amir on 12 October, 2007.

4 Responses to “Tehran Museum of Modern Art”

  1. amir ina chian?

  2. سلام
    عكس خيلي بهتري مي شد اگر لنزت وايد تر بود يا وسط تر قرار مي گرفتي

  3. durka durka…haka laka sherpa….jabamaga fafa….tht picture can be anything….even bacteria can look like that….thts ur idea of modern art?….you suck…if you dnt know anything abt art then dont put it up…i mean cmon….how low can you be??…totally uncultured civilization…even the pic taken in the night on the streets with a high speed shutter could anything….i am not impressed…those pics can be taken in any backwards country at night…may premeir bush have mercy on you when he invades with his glorious army….peace be with you…khudafez…

    • tenacious Z why dont you get an original handle or are you Jack Blacks boyfriend. Also your grammer is terrible. You should learn your own language before ripping on other cultures.

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