Tehran’s Nights

Night, Tehran, 2007/10/19

Nights of the Tehran

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:30sec, Apreture:F/13, ISO:100 @ 62mm

~ by Amir on 19 October, 2007.

6 Responses to “Tehran’s Nights”

  1. all right..this’s the one i’ve been thinking about

  2. all right..this’s the one i’ve been thinking about
    that’s more delicate than real site

  3. Hi

    Newly, you update very soon.
    This pic is very nice, but I don’t know why got the needle when I saw its.
    I don’t know why get the needle this days.
    Uh…I like go and go, go to long trip. I don’t know where, only like go.

    The Darake is nice place. I went here only one and for only one hours. It was ago 3 years, numbering of vote of president election. Ahmadi Nejad outdistanced Rafsanjani. People say to consolation together in Darake. 😀

    Sorry for my mistake, you know well that my English is bad.

    Best wish

  4. hey u know what…also i got a similar picture of my city, wanna see it?

  5. salam
    mikhastam bebinam age emkanesh hast oon 2ta akse panoramae balaye page ro baram mail konin…

  6. salam man amin hastam as canada khili vaghte as iran kharej shodam mishe goft 5 sali inja hastam delam barash tang shodeh

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