Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts

Tehran, North Kargar Street, 2008/5/29
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/100sec, Apreture:F/14, ISO:100 @ 17mm

P.S: Photography inside the museum is not allowed.

~ by Amir on 29 May, 2008.

6 Responses to “Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts”

  1. salam
    haaaaaaa, yak soal, pas ghabla chator inhame ax vagerefti az yak museum dige(abgine)???????????haaaaaaaaaaaaa, lo vade 1,2,3 ..1,2,3;)
    Hamishe shad bashi

  2. Wish we could see inside.

  3. in site kheyli bahal e, bayd az in kar ha bokonim keh baghye mardom befahman keh tehran faghat jang o mardom e kharab nadareh
    yeki az behtarin mamlekat ha maleh ma ast

  4. جادوی این موزه هنر های معاصر سالهاست که ولم نمی کنه. هر موقع از اونجا رد می شم یا میرم تو، یا تا آخر شب عذاب وجدان دارم….

  5. this is a cool place i have been a couple of times and needs to be revisited.

  6. Does anyone know the address and website url for this museum? I want to add it to my database in Mused for iPhone, but I can’t seem to find anything about it, and I don’t speak the language.

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