Boy and Balance

Tehran, Be’sat Exp.way, 2008/7/17

Boy and Balance

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/15sec, Apreture:F/4.5, ISO:800 @ 33mm

~ by Amir on 19 July, 2008.

3 Responses to “Boy and Balance”

  1. احساس مي كنم اين منم كه اونجا نشسته … شايد در وجود همه ي ما بچه اي باشد در گوشه تنها … قطره اي آب … ذره اي نان

  2. سلام
    وزن این آقا کوچولوی بزرگ شاید کم باشه ولی عیارش بالاست!
    همیشه شاد باشی

  3. Beautiful Picture Amir!
    This shows little boy’s pain in his face begging with his eyes for a step of a well off on his scale…Was he not supposed to be off playing for the summer or having fun with his mates and having cold watermelon?! You are a true man and photographer without borders!

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