Hasan Abad Square

Tehran, Hasan Abad, 2008/3/21

Hasan Abad Square

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/160, Apreture:F/6.3, ISO:100 @ 17mm

~ by Amir on 1 September, 2008.

13 Responses to “Hasan Abad Square”

  1. woOoOoW , ajab jaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie, khili zibaaaaaast, ajab memari dare
    khiliam ghashang gerefti, vali age derakht nabood, emtedade sakhtemoon dide mishood fogholade bood
    khili ghashange behar hal
    hamishe shad bashi

  2. رنگ عكست رو دوست دارم خيلي گرم و خوب دراومده- ولي كادرتو باش مشكل دارم- يعني نمي دونم چي شده كه از سمت چپ زدي و بجاش به راست اضافه كردي؟
    90% احتمال مي دوم چپ كادر چيزي بوده كه نمي خواستي تو كادرت باشه

  3. میدان هشت گنبد سابق

  4. Man, I’m missing this damn city, love it to death, gonna visit it soon, hope to catch up for some shoots 🙂 Nice shot again 🙂

  5. What impresses me most about this scene is how much it looks like any European city. Not what I’d expect in Iran at all. But it certainly is a beautiful building. Thanks for the lesson in what’s really there.

  6. wow ,
    is it iran!
    that’s interesting !

  7. دست شهرداری درد نکنه که این میدون رو باز سازی کرد تا حداقل شهر ما یه کمی هویتش رو حفظ کنه.

  8. بسیار بسیار زیباست

  9. سلام
    زيباست ولي به نظر من اگه سمنژت راست کادرت و کامل مي بستي و ماشين تو کادر نمي بود بهتر بود. اينجوري تناقض ايجاد شده بين سنت و مدرنيته…

  10. makhluti az banahaye ghadimi iran va orupa!!!

  11. Beautiful shot as always. Well done 😀

    BTW, do you know what this building was used for when it was first built?

  12. wow. amazing sekali. pie kabare mas

  13. And This is the reason I like tehranlive.org. Amazing post.

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