Howl for Imam Hossein

Tehran, Narmak, 2009/1/3

This video is about mourning for Imam Hossein in Muharram Days.

Read about Mourning of Muharram

~ by Amir on 5 January, 2009.

3 Responses to “Howl for Imam Hossein”

  1. salam
    to in shaba o rozha Eltemas 2a!
    khoob ye chizi mikham begam , nemidonam begam yana! akhe osolan baham mokhalefan va davam mikonan, vali man vaghan nemidonam in shive azadari vaghen doroste?!mondam!vaghean nemidonam?!
    man sine zadan on agha miansali ke yegoshe istade bishtar dost daram, arom baraye khodesh….
    baz ham eltemas 2a
    hamishe shad bashi

  2. I already posted a note about good and bad points of Ashoura on this link Let me paste it here to let others know about my opinion.

    I googled “Ashoura” and I was extremely shocked by what I saw on the first page of the google: violent and bloody pictures. I don’t know why Muslims in any country or region have their own interpretation of some parts of this religion. Sometimes their interpretation is totaly wrong (in my opinion) and completely misunderstood. If you google Ashoura, you may find very sad and bloody pictures of people in Pakistan and Afghanistan who are doing crazy with their body. Oh my God! Such a sad misunderstanding of Ashoura. I’m ashamed of that, really. Ashoura doesn’t mean that you have to harm yourself. No one benefits from their cruel behavior except those who are going to show Islam is a barbaric religion and Muslims are kind of barbars. I remember a speech by one an admirable Iranian cleric many years ago that he criticized Muslims doing such things on Ashoura. He asked Muslims do they really think if “Hossein” was alive today, would he do the same? Unfortunately there are some muslims who know nothing of their religion. Such a sad ignorance!

    Anyway, Ashoura is the revolution/resistance of justice against injustice. Human Rights activities are good example of Ashoura. Not keeping quiet when you see injustice is Ashoura. Help those people who are suffering by the injustice is Ashoura, but not any of those bloody pictures you may see.

  3. Fuck imam, fuck Islam, fuck khomeini, fuck Arabs.

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