Motor Gazi

Tehran, Taleghani Street, 2009/2/15

Motor Gazi

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/250sec, Apreture:F/5, ISO:200 @ 70mm

~ by Amir on 15 February, 2009.

12 Responses to “Motor Gazi”

  1. salam
    migam kharejiha ham migan Motor Gazi?!!
    che jaleb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-O
    hamsihe shad bashi

  2. اين روزها فراريان موزه ها زياد شدن!!!!!

  3. wow kheily bahale. yadam az hodoode 15 sale pish oftad ke pedar bozorgam ye motor gazi dasht o bazi moghe ha savaremoon mikard o miraftim motor savari!

    manam nemidoonam motor gazi be englisi chi mishe! 😉

  4. kheili bahaaal bood

  5. eyval,tadesh bekheyir che sedayi dashtan

  6. good street scene to provide visuals of the forms of transportation on the streets. Motorcycles are dangerous to ride in the us and I am guessing are dangerous to ride anywhere because of the lack of visibility.

  7. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great documentary photos! Great work!

  9. thx. Man kheili vaght bod MikhastaM ye neMone Motor gazi bebinaM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi
    It (motor gazi) brings me back to the years that riding a Moto Gazi was a great fun.
    I found your pictures intresting. Always I love pictures of Iran.
    I have collected my pictures of Iran here:
    Iran in Pictures
    Have a look

  11. 😀 selam men az ehle torkiye hestem farsi beledem 🙂 be motor gazi tu torkiye mobilet migen englisiş mobilette 🙂

  12. company italy hast Moto Guzzi. Gutzi talaffoz mishe.

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