Women’s Taxi

Tehran, Resalat Exp.way, 2008/11/7

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/250sec, Apreture:F/16, ISO:1600 @ 70mm

~ by Amir on 24 February, 2009.

11 Responses to “Women’s Taxi”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Just to remind everyone that it is about women’s safety, not segregation. You may like to have a look at this BBC news about women’s taxi in Tehran:

    ” … It’s a scenario that would be unthinkable in nearby Saudi Arabia, where women are banned from driving. Women’s rights in Iran may have some way to go. But they are free to go out on their own, to drive their own vehicles, or to take taxis driven by men if they like.”

  2. Very interesting…

  3. yes just like afro americans were segregated from the “whites” .

    khak too sare ma irania ke be inja residim ka in shode safety.

  4. من اولش مخالف اين بودم كه خانم ها تاكسيران باشند اما بعد ديد خيلي بهتر از شغلهاي ديگه كه برخي خانم هاوادارشدن
    اماهنوزهم مي گم با يه سري سياستها كه بايد اجرا بشه از طرف كشور مي شه خانم هارو تحت حمايت قرارداد

  5. interesting. I would not have thought there would be gender specific taxis. very different perspective.

  6. I would like to hear more about this system. Could you maybe give us a b rief explanation? I think most peoplel will maybe draw the wrong conclusion here.

  7. تاكسي بانوان در خيلي از جاهاي دنيا مرسوم هست مثل لندن كه به PINK TAXI معروف هستند و بله بخاطر امني

    نبايد همه چيزو به سياست و اين چيزا گرفت.

  8. به اینجا هم زیاد سر می‌زنم و لذت می‌برم. مخصوصا اون فیلمی که از اون آقای افغانی گذاشته بودی که توی راه کوه موسیقی می‌زد. دوربین که چرخید و من اون مناظر آشنا رو دیدم بی اختیار اشک ریختم. ممنون از زحمتی که می‌کشی تا منو و امثال من بتونیم از راه دور لذت ببریم. روزهات شاد.

  9. kare jalebie ama chera hamishe bayad Joda bashan

  10. only for women or just driven by women?

  11. It does just go to show that when you think things are getting better… there is such a big diffrence in diffrent cultures around the world .

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