Green Wave,Green People

Tehran, 2009/6/7, Narmak (East)
Green Wave ” in Iran and specially in Tehran is growing, becuase the most people are becoming supporter of Mir-Hossein Musavi (Iranian 2009 Presidental Elections Candidate).
Massoumeh Ebtekar writes:
Green is the buzz word today. It is the color specifically chosen by supporters of Mir Hossein. In Iranian culture as well as Islamic tradition green is the most meaningful color. Now, green is taken as a sign of support for change, a sign of opposition to current government policies and as a sign of choosing Mir Hossein Mousavi. Green head bands, green T-shirts, green scarves are the political fashion in Iran today.

The photos are took in 10 Minutes. Low quality is because of high ISO speed.

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People

Green Wave,Green People


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~ by Amir on 8 June, 2009.

45 Responses to “Green Wave,Green People”

  1. So interesting what is happening in your country. A different perspective of the news we receive by television here.

  2. Nice catch Amir! I hope this rare opportunity will be used the most for change. Thanks for your photos and keep us informed.

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  5. Interesting photos, Amir. Thanks for explaining and pointing out the “Green movement” now in Iran. Go green!

  6. linked to my blog.
    You have an excellent site.

  7. من هم شال سبزم را جمعه سرم خواهم کرد و به مرکز رای که در شهرم بر پا کرده‌اند خواهم رفت. روزهات شاد دوستم.

  8. only green. kash manam mitoonestam be rayhaye sabz yek ray ezafe konam. bazam migam only green

  9. شورتاي سبزشون رو تازه نديدين با سوتين هاي سبز

  10. wow!!!

  11. I will vote to green in London,

  12. green heart 😉

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  14. […] these people would be a tragic mistake.  I hope we can avert it, and I hope reform comes […]

  15. These photos are utterly amazing. We know so little about your country, although I did read an article about the elections…this is fantastic stuff. Superb photography. Love it and will come back here to go through the photos again!

  16. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Iran’s blue staters. (For you, it’s green. For us, it’s blue.) Here in the U.S., we finally managed to defeat the party of belligerent idiots, so anything’s possible. I hope you win and enjoy a peaceful transition of power.

  17. Great Blog my friend, Great blog.


  18. پایان لیگ برتر انتخابات…(به روزم)

  19. نه نه با شال سبز نرينا راي شمارو باطل مي كنن.مواظب باشين پوشش سبز نداشته باشين

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  21. با سلام

    اگر تقلب نشود حتما آقای میر حسین موسوی ریئس جمهور خواهند شد. هموطنان عزیز بیا یید احمدی نژاد را به همان جای که تعلق دارد بفرستیم. یعنی‌ زباله دن تاریخ، قربانتان مهدی

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  23. عزیزان هزینه سنگینی صرفه توزیع خودکارهای تقلبی شده ،خواهشمندم در هنگام رای خودکار همراه وجود گرامیتان بیاورید(اطلاع رسانی کنید)

  24. Fascinating how such a tiny thing can represent such immense significance.

  25. اگر میرحسین موسوی رئیس جمهور نشود حتمآ تقلب شده است به فکر ختکار وچیز های دیگه نباشید

  26. آزادی فردا حق ماست، اندکی صبر سحر نزدیک است.
    به من هم سر بزنید.

  27. […] out of the president’s seat in Iran’s short electoral history, though a large amount of enthusiasm has surrounded the main opposition of Mir Hossein Mousavi called the “Green Wave” as […]

  28. baz ham taghalob, baz ham farib, key mitavanim be hagheman beresim

  29. ey baradare roftegar ahmadi ro to bebar!

  30. اطلاعیه بسییییار مهم : در ادامه تشدید نا آرامی ها در تهران” ستاد میرحسین موسوی هرگونه حضور فردا در میدان ولیعصر را بعلت اعمال خرابکارانه منع کرد. برخی اخبار ناشی از بمب گذاری در مراسم پیروزی احمدی نژاد و تخریب چهره ی موسوی و برگرداندن جو به نفع احمدی نژاد به گوش میرسد. لطفا این موضوع را به نزدیکان خود نیز اطلاع دهید


  32. bachehayi ke smseshun ghate yek rah peyda kardim vase sms zadan ba irancel;message center ro az 1400 be 1480 taghiyir bedid va avale shomare morede nazar – 0098 ya +98 bezarid!! test kardim dorosteeeeee etela resani konid

  33. Etehad Etehad / age kasiro migiran natarsid age hameye mardom poshteham bashan una aghab miran /una ham adaman mesle ma ,MAFOGHE ghodrat nistan ke!! /bayad hamle she aslahashun gerefte she / IRANIE BA GHEYRAT, HEMAYAT HEMAYAT




  37. ديکتاتور کوتوله کارت ديگه تمومه

  38. ديکتاتو کوتوله کارت ديگه تمومه

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  40. spread the word its great!!!

  41. Stand up and fight for your freedom. 10’s of Milliions of Americans want to end this riff between our countries. Fight the THEOCRACY, become free in will and thinking.

  42. Power to the people!

  43. just green wave

  44. Занятная статья. Много чего нового узнал для себя. Автору респект и уважуха 🙂

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