Iranian 2009 Presidental Elections

Tehran, 2009/6/12

Iranian 2009 Presidental Elections started at 8 AM by local time and ended at 10 PM. Becuase of limitations, i was not permitted to do photography inside of branch elections and just could take a few photos of people after vote and a mobile branch elections.

Iranian 2009 Presidental Elections

Iranian 2009 Presidental Elections

Iranian 2009 Presidental Elections

Iranian 2009 Presidental Elections

~ by Amir on 12 June, 2009.

12 Responses to “Iranian 2009 Presidental Elections”

  1. Incredible…

  2. we lost

  3. I’m an American, and I do not believe that Ahmadinejad won two-thirds of the vote. You would have won if you hadn’t been up against a corrupt system. For what it’s worth, thousands of Iranians marching in the streets and holding signs reading “A new greeting to the world” DID send a new greeting to the world. No thinking person in the West believes that Ahmadinejad speaks for you anymore.

  4. kashki adam boodano raye mardomo hesab mikardan na raye khodeshoono!!!!!

  5. I am a US American. Please know in your hearts that US Americans believe deeply in the PEOPLE of Iran. We do not believe in Ahmadi Nejad as a leader or in the Iranian gov as a transparent government. We are with you and support your freedom and democracy!

  6. I’m German and I received your “New greeting to the world”! Keep standing up! Whole Europe is watching you, you are our hope for a free & peaceful future! Young enlightened people all over the world want a chance! Now it is our time to create a new future of freedom! Me and a lot of friends in Germany, Denmark, The Nederlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Austria, Australia und the USA are following right now on Twitter. We share your thoughts, anger and hope! Speak out!

  7. America is with you! We are so moved by your protests and feel a deep kinship with the Iranian people. We know this election was stolen from you, and we will do all we can to make sure our leaders support your revolution without any appearance of intervention, which would only hurt your cause. Keep the faith! The Iranian people are beautiful!

  8. America should have had a general strike and protested after the election in 2000 and again in 2004. The world would have been way better off never allowing George W. Bush into the White House.

  9. That sucks!Ya’ll suppose to vote for a better president and things still managed to go down hill*tighten fists*

  10. Please let me express my sympathy with you all. I`m german. It`s good to know that the youth around the globe has at least some values in common. So there is hope. I`m not here to give you any advices in this difficult hour, because I`m sitting save and free in front of my Computer at home and it`s you who is taking the risks. So I just can express my deep respect, my sympathy and my best wishes for your struggle. Please take care.

  11. Please stay safe, my friend. Thank you for your photos and faithful reporting of what you are seeing. The BBC and German radio reported 2 million Iranians were in the streets of Tehran today. The world looks on, and we wish you well. May peace remain yet justice and truth come to light. My prayers are for your very best.
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