Water and Fire Park

Tehran, Haghani Exp.way, 2009/7/17

“Water and Fire” Park opened on July 7th by “Ghalibaf”, the mayor of Tehran. More details of this park in near future.

P.S: I freed my camera 2days ago.

Water and Fire Park

Water and Fire Park

Water and Fire Park

Water and Fire Park

Water and Fire Park

Water and Fire Park

Water and Fire Park

Water and Fire Park

Water and Fire Park

Water and Fire Park

Water and Fire Park

Water and Fire Park

Water and Fire Park

Water and Fire Park


Location on Map

~ by Amir on 18 July, 2009.

73 Responses to “Water and Fire Park”

  1. Hey Amir. Glad you are back. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. […] […]

  3. Awesome pictures! Awesome purple night water fountains! Awesome to see a posting from you again! Awesome Amir! Awesome! Awesome – that’s just about all I can say!

  4. linked
    happy to see you back

  5. It’s a wonderful park! If I were there, I’d join all the kids among the water jets.
    I am so glad you are back.

  6. So glad to see you back and safe. A fire and water park seems like a good symbol in Tehran just now.

  7. Celebritylife.org trackingback – Water and Fire Park…

    Celebritylife.org trackingback – Water and Fire Park…

  8. سلام
    بسیار خرسندیم از اینکه برگشتی
    اون هم اینقدر زیبا
    خرسندیم که حرفهای مامان درست از آب در میاد
    95% حرفاش همیشه درست درمیاد من نمدونم چطوری ولی میاد!!!!
    بهرحال خوشحالیم!
    خوب پس دیگه برویم در مود خودمان

    حالا شما هم رفتین آب بازی؟:D:D:D
    آدم خوشحال می شه:D:D
    اون دختر کوچولو خیس خیلی نانازه:*
    پارک زیبای باید برم…مثل خیلی جاهای دیگه که باید برم همونطوری احتمالا اینم می رم;):))
    همیشه شاد باشی

  9. These photos are gorgeous! You have given us a feast for the eyes here. Welcome back and so glad you have your camera as well. Stay safe.

  10. Very happy to see you are back safe and sound. The pictures are amazing, simply breathtaking. It looks like such a fun time, one my children would certainly enjoy.

  11. Welcome back to the blogging world of ordinary life, Amir. Those water jets speak volumes as do the very many happy faces.

    Glad that your voice and your eye are reunited …

  12. Yeah!!! I’m so glad you have your camera back. Beautiful photos!

  13. Glad you got your camera back! It’s great to have you blogging again! Great photos!

  14. Welcome back. You are always in our thoughts.

  15. Queste foto sono bellissime. Kheili ghashang hastan in ask-ha. Vaghean tabrik.

  16. its seems beautiful place !

  17. I love the water and fire park! What a neat idea. So glad to have you back. Love your photos.

  18. Thanks for the great post! It’s nice seeing people out enjoying the summer weather. The boats give Tehran a weirdly nautical feel…but, I guess it’s not too far to the Caspian (at least from a Google map perspective).

    It’s great that you’re back in business, Amir.

  19. oh. i guess you’re not allowed to take/post pictures of protests anymore.
    nevertheless, beautiful shots, as always.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. And I go a step further, I’m not even sure that Amir is even free. Free meaning free from jail. Up to the day that he was arrested, all we saw was protest, abuse by government, killings, murder. Neda’s corpse still screaming “Death to Dictator.” So, nice pictures of beautiful, peaceful, harmonious Iran run by great, great, great, great president whateverhisnameis…

      Now, dear Amir, where are you? I pray that you are safe. And I speak this to whomever is trying to fake you. Your style of journalism is known internationally. From east to west, from north to south, you have become an icon for Iranian freedom. You have become what BBC was back in 1979. Come home.

  20. I’m happy to see your photos again! Un grand bonjour depuis la France!

  21. So good to see that your back! Very beautiful pictures.

  22. Как сказал один мудрый еврей – и это пройдёт…
    Всё верно – у нас это не только развлечение, но и работа, следовательно – на моря!!! 🙂

  23. This is a beautiful series of photos. So glad you have your camera again.

  24. Oh, Amir! What beautiful photos! I love that y’all have something so neat like that! Glad to see everyone enjoying the water. Thank God that you are back and you are okay. We missed you!

  25. I am happy to see that you are posting again. Thanks be to God you are safe. Beautiful photos.

  26. Great that you got your camera back. And such wonderful shots! Congrads.

  27. سلام،مثل همیشه حرف نداره…

  28. Thank You and Stay Safe

  29. Glorious set of photos and those night shots are pure romance!

  30. It’s so good to hear from you again. My husband and I have been worried about you and we missed you. We love the new park and the new pictures. God bless you. You are in our prayers. (from gabarta and wdednh)

  31. I don’t think Amir is running this website – it has changed. He was taken to Evin prison – did he ever come back? I had a twitter from someone over there with bad news about an Amir who was 24 – is this the same one?

  32. Amir, please let us know that you are okay! We are worried about you!

  33. Love those photos, Love the site, but I think you posted this instead of more protest pictures because the Iranian government told you to stop.

    Anyways, I’m still glad your back

  34. salam man mahsa torbi hastam as geelong,australia. please let iranian people free. we are worried about baha’i. from mahsa torabi.

  35. This looks fun! Glad you have your camera.

  36. Bonsoir,
    Great serie..Wonderful lighting, framing and colors..bravo!

  37. […] Here are the pix Visionary posted earlier Water and Fire Park � Tehran 24 […]

  38. Keep the people entertained – they won’t want to revolt.

  39. as a consequence of you for your report and it helped me in preparing my college assignment.

  40. To those who claim it can’t be Amir: of course it can. Look at his pictures from before the uprising, it’s the same beutiful style.
    I think you’re expecting something from him that shouldn’t be expected. Like to pretend that the world has come to an end with the death of Neda.
    But it hasn’t. A photographer documents things. If there are smiling people in a park, he documents that.
    Seems perfectly normal to me.

  41. peggy, do you know how many millions of 24-year-old Amir’s there must be in Iran?

  42. hi
    actually U have a very good Blog
    I seen it long time ago
    & today I see 1ne photo that writes your add so I come
    khoshal misham be blog manm biyay 😉

  43. Fabulously unprejudiced posting this remark to conduct that I visit your blog daily.

  44. galuno proekto sonate

  45. […] Please see first series of photos here. […]

  46. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…

  47. Слабо моё имя расшифровать 91c1e531125628da4f2ac2af822748a9 ?

  48. Действительно удивили и порадовали 🙂 Никогда не поверил бы, что даже такое бывает 🙂

  49. Вот поэтому и иногда не хочется идти вперёд!

  50. Хорошо написал. Так держать!!! 🙂

  51. А мне блог понравился

  52. Не подскажете, как ссылки в футере убрать, если он закодирован. С интересом читал ваш блог и тоже решил завести себе на подобную тему. Заранее спасибо.

  53. we have a waterpark like that also, fun for kids on hot days, even in California

  54. Всем привет! Я тут новенький. Примите в вашу компанию? 🙂

  55. I knew well the tyrrany under the Shah. I am a Greek author. I wrote a book about Iran THE BLIND ACTOR. Iran is one of the most beautiful countries of the world and its people are GORGEOUS…hospitable, kind, sensitive, romantic…I HATE the propaganda of the West…

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  57. Amzing thoughts went into this post! Looking forward to more.

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