Digital Medias Festival

Tehran, Mosalla, 2009/9/10

Fun parts of 3rd International Digital Medias Fair & Festival

~ by Amir on 13 October, 2009.

9 Responses to “Digital Medias Festival”

  1. tracking back – Digital Medias Festival… tracking back – Digital Medias Festival…

  2. ghashang bud tanx
    khob az baghie jaha ham axe migerefti chasbidi be injaha ;P

  3. linked

  4. Great to see you fun photos again! I’m surprised to see young men and young women sitting together at a table. It must be less conservative than Saudi Arabia?

  5. Leif, of course Iran is ‘less conservative’ than Saudi Arabia. There are no jobs barred from women; women can be active politicians; women are highly educated and girls and boys are educated together. In Saudi Arabia, women can’t drive, vote and work is restricted. Why bring up Saudi anyway? They are completely different countries – for one, Saudi Arabia is an Arab country and Iran is not.

    Why bring up Saudi Arabia anyway? Iran and Saudi Arabia

  6. Sorry, appear to have mispost there.

  7. good blog and cool pics

  8. These are so fun! Especially to a geek like myself!

  9. wow! they mass with everything in Digital 🙂

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