Aban 13 Rally

Tehran, Downtown, 2009/11/4

Aban 13, which corresponds to November 4th, marks the anniversary of the capturing of the U.S. embassy by Iranian students three decades ago.More

Protestors to Iran election results used this legal time and demonstrated in the streets near the U.S last embassy. But anti-riot forces attacked people with baton and tear-gas. Check photos here.

Location On Map

~ by Amir on 4 November, 2009.

27 Responses to “Aban 13 Rally”

  1. Good job! The pictures really brought it home.

  2. The person on the left in the second photo is she or he???

  3. […] more photos […]

  4. fuck this non iranian people. we pist on the khameneis picture today so fuck off

  5. faghat hamin ?! yani tehran hamin bude?! in ke faghat nesfe ghazie bud!
    ma ze yaran chashme doosti dashtim!

  6. They are not iranian at all. The regime is not representing the great iranian nation but barbarism


  7. why NO pics from the protest? u’ve lost ur balls????

  8. Thanks for these photos Amir, nice shots. A little different than a few months ago…. Stay safe out there

  9. Everyone has their right to voice their opinion. Great that you can show those photos – be safe! Why do they care “Down with USA” posters?

    • Thanks, Yeah. “Down with USA and Israel” is a political word that is chose after Iran 1979 revolution and is used to show Iranian hate USA Government politics against Iran after revolution and even before it. But It is not about American citizens and people, we all are friends with you and other USA people. It’s just about Governments. 😉

  10. hi Amir
    you do so terkondin 😀
    Best wish
    Dear Homa =))

  11. Interesting how we have opened up while Iran has closed down. The slogans are wearing very thin!

  12. Dude, I know you posted another link. But it’s a tiny link, and you can tell from the comments that many missed it. If you’re not an agent of the regime, and don’t want to be considered one, please be fair. Either post the two sets of pictures side by side, or put them both in links.

    B Squared, yes the slogans are old and wearing thin. These are from state sanctioned protests, from people who were bussed in by the tired old government and handed the slogans and told what to do. They don’t represent even %10 of the Iranian people. If you want to see the grassroots demonstration of the “real” people of Iran, click on that link above the photos.

  13. fake.fake.fake.in tehran kole tehran nist.in faghat 1% az tehrane.shoma agar yekami risk mikardi mirafti 7 itr vali asr azadi mifahmidi tehran chekhabare.

  14. تظاهرات ما سبزها؟
    این هم جمعیت ما در روز 13 آبان

  15. گویا شما هم حزب باد شده اید؟ تهران در خون بود و شما در خواب

  16. in che ax haeeye??????
    vaghean k hezbe badin.

  17. khodeto foorookhti

  18. i like your business!

  19. Strong photos.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Amir jan donbale axaye sabz migashtam ama peyda nakardam
    ama un dustemun ras mige un chadoriye tu axe dovom vaghean pesare ya dokhtar ? hahaah

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