Hedieh Tehrani Photo Exhibition

Tehran, Iranian Artists’ House, 2009/12/15

Hedieh Tehrani“‘s Photo exhibition in IAF which is named “Abangan” . Hedieh Tehrani is an Iranian superstar and film maker.

~ by Amir on 16 December, 2009.

10 Responses to “Hedieh Tehrani Photo Exhibition”

  1. It looks like a great exhibition in a wonderful museum!

  2. let me confess. I love you when I visit your blog here! you are really great in photography amir! I admire your talent!

  3. سلام
    عکاسی ممنوع!!!!!!!!!!!
    می گم چی شد امضا نذاشتی برای کارات؟!
    کاراش قشنگ به نظرم نمایشگاه خوبی بود، نبود؟
    پس چرا اینقد به بنده خدا گیر دادن؟!
    همیشه شاد باشی

  4. thank’s so much for your photoes.
    I saw this exhibition 6 days ago.
    It was so beautiful.
    I like your website.
    good luck.

  5. I dont know why in our country every famous person think that they are artists …
    buying a camera and taking some photos doesnt make a person , a photographer. I hate hedye tehrani…

  6. خود هدیه تهرانی تو عکسها نبود . به همین خاطر دجه کیفی گزارش پایینه

  7. امیر ۱ سوال: چطوری عکس گرفتی که عکاسی‌ ممنوع بود ؟

  8. in soale bala alan zehne man ro ham dare ghilghiliak mide!

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