Old Style Guy

Tehran, Metro, 2010/1/1

I found this guy in a subway wagon. His name was “Mohammad” and was came to Tehran for a job from Hamedan. He was wearing clothes that was popular before 1979 Revolution and I interested in his style and captured some photos.

I promised him that print and give him his photos.

P.S: Tehran 24 has blocked again by government in Iran since January 3.

~ by Amir on 4 January, 2010.

6 Responses to “Old Style Guy”

  1. nice!

  2. He’s a cool cat! I wish him good luck in the “Big City!”

  3. I agree that he is cool and wish him every success in life in the big city.

  4. very cool!

  5. He’s a terrorist.

  6. I love Iran. I wrote a book about it .THE BLIND ACTOR.

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