One day Sunset

Tehran, Azadi St. , 2010/1/5

P.S 1: I decided to change title of this photoblog to “Tehran Live” as it’s domain is. Friends, Fans and Bloggers: please change the title to “Tehran Live”.

P.S 2: “Tehran Live” blocked again by government since January 3 in Iran.

One day Sunset

~ by Amir on 5 January, 2010.

6 Responses to “One day Sunset”

  1. Hello Amir!
    You have a nice picture of the night. There is peace and freedom this time of night. It used the birds sing when I was in Theran during the night. Lahe park used to embrace all park visitors. I was 13 years and saw Theran for the last time. The Theran and I miss them narrow alleys, which were of them say their history.
    I’ve been away since 1982 from Iran. Iran loves me and tend to beat my heart every time hear news about Iran.
    Take more pictures Amir of the big city back and view a side working class and poverty.
    I’m working from and the working class.

  2. I like your new simpler blog name and the cool blog header photo! AWESOME sunset photo! Rock on!

  3. Be safe! We are hearing awful stories about what is taking place.

  4. Fantastic shot Amir! I really like the cloud layering you captured. Oddly enough, I have been hoping to catch a similar cloud/sunset image here for the past couple of days, though with no clouds to speak of, it’s been difficult…. Thanks for the update, and hopefully Tehran Live will be unblocked soon….
    Good luck

  5. The sky is wonderful, beautiful and peaceful.

  6. Really good shot! Good luck with your new domain!

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