Getting Cold

Tehran, 2010/1/26

Tehran gets cold after passing 40 days of winter. We can touch winter now!

Getting Cold

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/80sec, Apreture:F/10, ISO:100 @ 44mm

Location On Map (Seen From)

~ by Amir on 27 January, 2010.

8 Responses to “Getting Cold”

  1. akh che ghad delam tange vaseye hamin sarmaye tehran :(:(:(:(

  2. Some people must have a magnificent view of the snow covered mountain! How’s your view, Amir?!

  3. wow !!! so nice , dirooz hava ali bood

  4. Lovely photo. I always imagine Tehran as hot and sunny!

  5. Oh,finally u guys get cold

  6. Hello!
    An image of the sky, is only picture, but the picture also tells us that life continues despite the bad news in the country that has everything but lacks a constitution for the citizens get the correct safety and rights.

  7. Hello!
    It is sad to see a photographer and journalist is arrested. I urge all freedom loving people send their tests to the Swedish port of Amnesty International. I write the address in this link. I want all writes to Aminsty out this link. In any language you can write only

    Ulf B. Andersson

    Or to this address e post

    To Amir’s friends to send a picture of Amir to Amenisty International. on the way to take him to freedom.

  8. Great photo, love how the mountains just raise above the city.

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