Haji Firuz and Darvish

Tehran, Vasli-e Asr Street, 2010/3/18

Haji Firuz and Darvish are two ancient persian characters that I was lucky to see both of them in one day and near each other. Haji Firuz is visible in last days of every persian year and shows that new year is coming.

It’s a little hard for me to explain about Darvish in english, but you can read this article to know about him. As you see in the photo, Darvishes have become modern too! LOL

Haji Firuz


Haji Firuz



~ by Amir on 19 March, 2010.

9 Responses to “Haji Firuz and Darvish”

  1. =)))))))))))

  2. خیلی باحال بود=))

  3. The spot of red makes an eye-catching photo. Cell phones are everywhere, aren’t they?

  4. nice to be in iran for nowrooz especially in teheram n esfahan.

  5. It seems like a fun and funny tradition – thanks for showing us!
    Happy weekend

  6. Hello Amir!
    I wish you and all Iranians a happy new year. I hope new year will be love and peace in Iran. I hope that all the sheep hear my voice too.

  7. I have never seen a Darvish with Cellphone :))

  8. سال نو مبارک

  9. Rich Darvish he is.

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