Tehran in Rainy days of Nowruz

Tehran, 2010/3/27

Tehran in holidays of Persian new year (Nowruz), has no traffic, is clear, beautiful and a lovely place to live.

I was in travel to north of Iran for 6 days and had just 1 day rest in Tehran and again tomorrow have an other travel for 3 days.

~ by Amir on 28 March, 2010.

13 Responses to “Tehran in Rainy days of Nowruz”

  1. wow , che baroone noroziye 😉

  2. I Miss Tehran Soooooo Much !!!!!

  3. Some great, colorful photos around Tehran! Bon voyage on your next trip!

  4. ا،اونا پل هوایی:D
    قشنگ بید
    امیر متخصص در امور زوج ها…در مدلهای مختلف:D 😉
    من امسال بعد عمری خاجی فیروز دیدیم…تو تهران…اسفند که اومده بودم…خیلی خوب بود ذوق کرده بودم کلی…الان اینجا مجسمه شو دیدم یاد اون روزی افتادم:D
    همیشه شاد باشی

  5. It is so freaking beautiful ! Thank you Thank you

  6. bah bah tehran man …..jonaaaaaaaaaaamo iran

  7. Hello Amir!
    Nice pictures you have taken. Are those new years’ thoughts of you, or new era in Iran. What I know more sheep and they gives panic in the zoo. The sheep must not disturb others or how Amir. Tie a string on his neck. I hope there will be new days with now times in Iran.

  8. Beautiful colors! 🙂

  9. stunning photos ! thank you so much Amir jan!

  10. Nice to see Tehran getting a pleasant drop of rain. Such downpours are a blessing from G-d. We should show gratitude to the Creator.

  11. Hello Amir!
    How to stand, are you okay? Give a face for the month of April! I hope you are fine and do not sleep. As I said, give a face to the month of April.

  12. soo glad to have you back, peace and love to you and iran

  13. verrry cooooooooooool tehran

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