Fine view to north of the city

Tehran, Fajr Bridge, 2010/4/9

Tehran have very beautiful landscapes in rainy or snowy days that cleans it’s sky. Alborz mountains are lovely views for Tehran citizens.

Location on Map

~ by Amir on 15 April, 2010.

6 Responses to “Fine view to north of the city”

  1. Wonderful photos of Tehran and her beautiful mountains behind it! Well worth waiting for!

  2. Beautiful. I’d never realised the mountains were so close to the city.

  3. So very beautiful city.

  4. Hello Amir!
    What nice pictures city. You have captured spring in your photos. Tehran is a city in transition and has many pages. Thanks for the images which gives us a picture of the life struggle in Iran. Amir watch dogs, they have become more violent now on these days. Take the dogs under control by tying a string on their necks. One again thanks you for the beautiful pictures.

  5. It awakens fantastic memories

  6. awesome

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