Cafe’ Vino

Tehran, Valiasr St, 2010/6/21

Cafe' Vino

Cafe' Vino

Cafe' Vino

Cafe' Vino

Cafe' Vino

Cafe' Vino

Cafe' Vino

Cafe' Vino

Cafe' Vino

Cafe' Vino

Cafe' Vino


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~ by Amir on 22 June, 2010.

13 Responses to “Cafe’ Vino”

  1. kheyli ghashang bud
    ama sigaresh bad amuzi dasht

  2. very nice photos……’s so strange to see people smoking inside a cafe….I like it, even as a non smoker. Over here if you smoke, you have to stand outside in a pre-defined space….

  3. I love your photos…vali aksat mano deltange iran va Tehran mikone. Ageh ghesmat beshe 2 rooz dige miram. Merci az aksaye ghashanget, mesle hamishe:)

  4. nice ,, vali hamashon cigari bodan haha

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by samches, JoanneMichele. JoanneMichele said: Tehran Live: Cafe VVVVVVino […]

  6. in aksa ro ke didam, delam kheyli barayeh tehran tang shod, merci az aksa,

  7. wow

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  9. Hey, somehow I missed this posting! Very interesting to be inside a cafe” – all the cafe’s here are smoke-free! One can only smoke outside!

  10. This is a terrific set of photos- kind of makes me long for the time I spent many years ago in Tehran.

  11. Hey
    Where is this Cafe Vino? Whats the exact address?

  12. I can’t believe people smoke indoors! Just like Paris. I’ve been living in the States for too long when I travel abroad and see people smoking around kids and indoors it almsot looks surreal! LOL…

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