Fifa Worldcup Final Match in Tehran

Tehran, Mellat Park, 2010/7/11

Spain and Netherlands have many fans in Iran and Tehran. Many of them decided to watch worldcup final match on grand TV of Mellat Park near north of Tehran. I was fan of Spain, but my other friends were fan of Netherlands.

Photos are taken by my friend “Ali Kaveh” .

Diego, Spanish guy who lives in Tehran

~ by Amir on 13 July, 2010.

11 Responses to “Fifa Worldcup Final Match in Tehran”

  1. I love your photos Amir! I wanted to visit Iran again this summer but I did not have a chance to. Maybe next year!

  2. مرسی امیر جان

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Amir and Anne Eksten. Anne Eksten said: RT @IEN88 Off-topic Cool photos of #Iranians enjoying World Cup Final in Tehran's Park Mellat on big TV screens #iran […]

  4. ایول به علی کاوه

  5. The world was certainly watching the World Cup soccer match from every corner of the earth! Viva Espana!

  6. mibinamke halii be hooolliii, i miss iran!

  7. i miss it !

  8. mamnun babate aksat amir jan deltange iranim

  9. ye roze az iran bargashtim vali badjori delam tang shode ,:( merci az axaye ghashanget

  10. It’s not what you show with pictures,it’s reality of Iranian despotism and demented neccessity to obtain nuclear bombs with immediate destruction of Iran and all neighbourinG countries disregarding that thousand of years of proud civilizations will diappear complitelly due to Mr.Achmadinajad’s demency as a leader.
    Remember,he’s descendency is from jewish heredity and full of self hatred to his own people,in his case he’ll blind himself one eye and the others both,anyway,both sides ahall be blind,Iranians youth,next generation destruction, STOP HIM N O W.

  11. It’s great to find Spanish football team’s fans so far away.

    Hope to visit Tehran soon.

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