Little Lady

Tehran, Bahar St. , 2010/9/4

Little Lady

~ by Amir on 5 September, 2010.

15 Responses to “Little Lady”

  1. Nice composition !

  2. wow, veryyyyyyyy goood

  3. It’s always a lovely day when Amir posts! Thank you for this-beautiful.

  4. Oh that’s a beautiful shot! Very well done!

  5. Where is it? It’s a nice shot!

  6. Beautiful juxtaposition.

    Prayers for Persia !

  7. She seems so small and innocent in such a big world! Great portrait!

  8. I love the irani people, for any thing you need, please get in touch. Gxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. thanx admin this is very nice

  10. she looks like a lost ghost, almost floating …
    i like your photos

  11. Where’s here? I guess I used to work in that building many years ago! Can someone help?

  12. سلام
    ادیتی که کردی بدجوری رو کارت نشسته
    همیشه شاد باشی

  13. It’s so beautiful it almost looks photoshopped!

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