Women Evening Sport

Tehran, Laleh Park, 2010/9/27

Women Evening Sport

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~ by Amir on 28 September, 2010.

9 Responses to “Women Evening Sport”

  1. همین؟

  2. Left and right and left and right and one and two and one and two!
    Fun photos!

  3. how hot is it outside?

    Don’t they have light weight coverups for the summertime, or do they just let ladies die of heatstroke and heat exhaustion?

  4. great! very nice)))

  5. سلام،چطوری ؟
    امضا جدید مبارکه
    ثبت خوبیه؛اگه از روبرو ثبت میکردی نتیجه بهتر ی میداد به نظرم
    البته میدونم که از روبرو اگر ثبت میکردی به احتمال زیاد با مشکلات عدیده ای روبرو میشدی …

  6. Your adoring fans are ready for your next great daily photo posting….
    : – )

  7. Gym is a very nice activity but not with these clothes.

  8. as an expert of public health and physical activity, I have to mention that all kinds of physical activity are useful and we can not ask women not to do any activity outside just because of their clothes. some of them want to have activity outside and we have to provide it for them and encourage them to continue it and of course those who like to have activity in gyms, can choose it and then they are able to have clothes that are their choice. But what I wanted to say is that we have to encourage all individuals to have more physical activity, not to remind all problems that we know they suffer from and can not do anything about them.

  9. WOW, couple days ago I was told my school’s dance instructor that I couldn’t wear a sport bra. Our dress code requires all student to cover their midsection. I was pissed and complained that it was way too hot to wear anything else. This picture just put everything in a new prespective! Thank you and God bless America and freedom!

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