One Day Sunset

Tehran, Lavizan Park, 2010/10/19

One Day Sunset

~ by Amir on 20 October, 2010.

14 Responses to “One Day Sunset”

  1. It is extraordinary !!!

  2. That’s a magical photo! The orange colors are delicious! Bravo, Amir! I’m already looking forward to your NEXT posting….

  3. Beautiful as always, Amir.

  4. Shabash 🙂

  5. nice 😀
    tazegia chera dir dir ax mizari 😦

  6. Beautiful. It almost makes you believe good things are happening and this sunset is the reward for that goodness. Really lovely.

  7. Great sunset!

  8. enghad dir dir ax nazar…masalan tehran “24”hast 24 saate haa:P

  9. majapahit

  10. Magical

  11. super beautiful

  12. What a beautiful sunset. I always enjoy visiting the Tehran Live website.

    Prayers for the good people of Persia.

  13. محشره : )
    : )

  14. thats is beautiful

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