Tehran Smog

Tehran, December 2010

Tehran and it’s citizens experienced a very bad Air pollution in past weeks untill yesterday. Smog and Air pollution led Tehran into holidays for some times.

A report published by a Persian news website says the smog can be attributed to domestically produced low-grade petrol.

Since yesterday, wind came to Tehran and since the night, rain made clean the Tehran air.

Tehran Smog

Tehran Smog

Tehran Smog

Tehran Smog

Tehran Smog

Tehran Smog

Tehran Smog

Tehran Smog

~ by Amir on 14 December, 2010.

7 Responses to “Tehran Smog”

  1. I ❤ Tehran!

  2. WOW! cheghadr dood boode tehran 😦 Akse Borj Milad kheyli ghashang shode 🙂

  3. عکسهات مثل همیشه قشنگه

  4. kheilii ghashang boodan 😀

  5. Many cities throughout the world suffer from bad pollution on certain days. Let’s hope these days in Tehran become less and less over time.

  6. I am not an environmental expert but I have to say that any city that is in a mountainous range experience more pollution. Believe it or not Denver, CO has poor air quality too; namely because of the location: mountains.
    Another problem, similair to that of Istanbul, some are still burning coal in lieau of gas or electric. I had more sinus infections when I lived in Istnabul….

  7. سلام
    بعد مدت ها مووووووووفق شدم بیام تو صفحه ات
    عکسهای خیلی خوشگل بودن مثل همیشه
    ولی دود تهران دلگیرش کرده بود
    عاشق عکس سومت شدم
    همیشه شاد باشی و برقرار

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