Ahmad Shahi Pavilion

Tehran, Niavaran Palace, 2011/1/23

Ahmad Shahi Pavilion (Kushk-e Ahmad Shahi) was the summer country of Ahmad Shah, the last Shah of Qajar dynasty.

This Pavilion is located in Niavaran Garden and now is a part of Niavaran Complex.

Ahmad Shahi Pavilion


Ahmad Shahi Pavilion


Location On Map


~ by Amir on 30 January, 2011.

6 Responses to “Ahmad Shahi Pavilion”

  1. WOOWW.. really love the first photo

  2. Great architecture AND great photographs!:)

    Greetings from

    Gunn / Stavangerdailyphoto.com

  3. A wonderful, reflective photo of that great building! I can tell you use a Canon….
    : – )

  4. Beautiful place. Nice picture and very interesting blog.

  5. che ghashange onja
    merciii ❤

  6. Truly amazing photo and thank you so much for allowing the wolrd to get a glimpe into Iran, the beautiful gem of the Middle East.
    I look forward to reutning to your blog.

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