Camels in City

Tehran, Afsarieh, 2011/3/6

Usualy we find camels in deserts and far from cities. But I found a caravan of camels inside the megacity of Tehran! It was very interesting for me and other people that these camels were carrying some goods. I asked the owner about the goods and he told me they carry Opium poppy!!!!


Camels in City


Camels in City

Location On Map

~ by Amir on 8 March, 2011.

11 Responses to “Camels in City”

  1. haha a bunch of camels that are carrying opium poppy 😀 Never heard that one before.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Strange to see the caravan of camels in the capital! Where did he come from with the poppies? All the best to you, Amir!

  3. Are they on loan from Mubarak?

  4. Why is there nothing from all the demos, I dont even think this is the same website author, I think hes in jail and this is an impostor

  5. Great photos. And a strange transport. Was the man just joking?

  6. سلام
    جالب بود
    سری به ما بزن
    با پست های جدید به روزم،عزیزم

  7. هاهاهاااااااااا
    این خیلی خوبه…فک کـــــــــن تو تهران شتر 😀

  8. Ofcourse the man was joking. Joking or he mentally retarted. ( sorry for the old medical term) The camles are quite cute though but I think they would rather be in their natural habitat. I hope they obey all the traffic signs and rules of the road there in Tehran:)

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