Spring view of Shemiran

Tehran, Ab-o Atash Park, 2011/4/25

Shemiran is the northern part of Tehran which contains Alborz mountains and has a better climate than other parts of city.

Spring view of Shemiran

Spring view of Shemiran

Spring view of Shemiran

~ by Amir on 26 April, 2011.

6 Responses to “Spring view of Shemiran”

  1. سلام امیر جون؛زیباست
    وبلاگم با پست جدید به روزه …

  2. Looks like a lovely part of the city. I would like to visit Tehran one day. Blessings to all the good people of Tehran.

  3. Those are some wonderful city views! Such big, lovely mountains!
    We’re waiting for your next posting, Amir…..

  4. Hi Amir, will you be updating your blog anytime soon??? I really like coming here and looking at all the pictures. I think I’ve seen them all. I really like to see more pictures of everyday Iranians in Tehran!! I wanna see the type of clothing that the youth wears!! I think I’m the biggest fan of this blog! LOL

  5. A wonderful panoramic view.

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