Lady In Red

Tehran, Ferdowsi Sq. , 2011/7/25


Lady In Red

~ by Amir on 26 July, 2011.

16 Responses to “Lady In Red”

  1. A new version of an old story. Nice picture !!!

  2. Love the way they act as lady in red 🙂

  3. rangesh cheshamo zad 😀
    kheili ghashange

  4. This is great photography. Great find. Does she look to the side, because she don’t wanted to look in the camera? I like this street scene.

  5. یک لحظه عکس رو کوچیک تو فیس بوک دیدم فک کردم همون خانوم سرخپوشه…بعد قیافم شده بود این:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    ولی واقعا انتخاب اسم و سوژه عالی بود…ایول

  6. doos dashtam cheghadr amiiir! alii bood

  7. che kare ghashangii kardin..!!ki model shode!..:D ama negaa mardoom chejoor negash mikooonan cheghad bi farhangiim hanoozz ama negahe khodesh kheili mana dare…:( kashki moohash ham red bood:D

  8. my favorite song 🙂

  9. حيف كه لاكش نارنجيه

  10. She is similar to Pakistani or Afghan.

  11. che khoshgele lebasesh 😀

  12. امیر جان بد نبود یک اشاره ای به اجرا می کردی!!!!

  13. What is her problem?
    This is a normal photo and human.
    I wanna to know why do you put this photo on the site?

  14. beyond art

  15. This is part of a performing art presentation continuously going on in Tehran. There is even a facebook site for it. It is not always the same girl. They covered the story on France 24. There is no political statement or affiliation.

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