Waiting People

Tehran, Valiasr Crossroad, 2011/7/31

People are waiting for lights to turn green in Valiasr Crossroad.

Waiting People


~ by Amir on 1 August, 2011.

12 Responses to “Waiting People”

  1. so beautiful

  2. How long have they been waiting? Roughly two years? 😉
    Even those of us in the middle of the U.S. understand this post. Stay safe, Amir.

  3. nice capture

  4. I see that, everyday.

  5. A dynamic photo of stillness.

    Patience is a virtue at traffic lights…

  6. This street shot has a big contrast between the ones moving and the ones standing still.

  7. Hi –
    May I have your email address please?

  8. so the watergun fight that people got arrested for were censored eh> there on huffington post with a Tehran live watermark but when you click the link provided it goes to an error page

  9. Great blog and beautiful pics! Would like to visit your country… Greets from Ukraine.

  10. A great slice of life!

  11. http://tehranlive.org/

  12. düşündüren bir resim

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