The Blue Set

Tehran, Mellat Park, 2012/4/25


The Blue Set

~ by Amir on 26 April, 2012.

4 Responses to “The Blue Set”

  1. I am a Greek Born author. I lived in Iran under the Shah the terrible for a few years. I have written a book THE BLIND ACTOR which based on facts before the revolution. It is published in Greek and in English.

    I love the Iranian traditions and culture. I want to have close friends from Tehran- intelectual type. it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, people are sentimental and hopsitable, the music is mesmerizing..Please post my request.

  2. How kind of you to say such a wonderful things about Iran and Iranians Sir. I also stayed in Greece nearly two months and let me tell how much I loved it. Greek people and Greece itself are also amazing.

    • Aga Amir,

      I adore your beathtaking country and its wonderful beautiful people. I am mesmerizing with the music, tradition, dnacing, food and passionate zest of life..I know that the Wast depictting Iran with negative images..I have written THE BLIND ACTOR- based on historical events from 1940-1970( under the Shah the Teriible. Iran needs my book to be published in order to express the real face of the country and the cruel oppression during the regime of Pahlavi and his allies.

      I love to visit Tehran again. You can write to me directly:

      I knew the popular singer AGASI who died from cancer.

      My brother used to have a night club: SHIRAZ in New York City.

      YOU are the most amazing good looking people in the world… I am living in USA. I would move back to Greece after a few years..


  3. Aga Amir,

    I am a woman: Eleni= Helen in English

    write back..

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