Tehran after a summer rainy day

Tehran, 2012/7/16

View of Tehran from Bam-e Tehran after a summer rainy day.

Tehran after a summer rainy day

Tehran after a summer rainy day

Tehran after a summer rainy day

Tehran after a summer rainy day

Tehran after a summer rainy day

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~ by Amir on 20 July, 2012.

11 Responses to “Tehran after a summer rainy day”

  1. What a sad situation we have today. Every time I view the photos here, or read the commentaries, I realize of all the middle-eastern countries, we have more in common with Iran than any other.

  2. Although I am an American sitting in California right now, I was there just a few days ago in Tehran for this summer rain. I miss it every time I leave your beautiful country. I say that even thought I understand the “sad situation” described earlier.

  3. I always enjoy your pictures. Reminds me of the holiday I spend in your beautiful country a year ago. I have traveled the world but never came across so many friendly and welcoming people! Something we in the West can learn (among others) from Iranians.
    Keep up the good work.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  4. Iran is the most beauriful contry in the world. People are warm, hospitable, loving, sensitive, emotional, kind with a rich culture and customs.
    I love to receive e-mails from people of Iran: men and women
    PLEASE write to me directly : greece43@hotmail.com
    ELENA ( Greek who lives in USA). Honddafes

  5. The Tehran climate is warm during the summer 84 F (or 29 C, in July) and relatively cool 39 F (or 4 C, in January) during the winter months. Tehran’s rainy season is between November and May; snow falls between December and February. The amount of annual rainfall is eight inches.

  6. Chill out time no doubt.

  7. This is Sahib Singh I am from Zahedan , i love the life style of Iran

  8. Hi, Can I have the High Quality Version of this picture to print

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