Flowers of Mourning

Tehran, Tehran No, 2012/11/22

These days, are days of mourning for Imam Hossein in Iran and also his lovers in Tehran,mourn for him in hundreds groups.





















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~ by Amir on 24 November, 2012.

6 Responses to “Flowers of Mourning”

  1. Great photographs

  2. So good to see you around regularly again…

  3. I think you’re blog is a really valuable resource for everyone around the world who wants to see the latest pictures of Tehran. I’m in Tehran myself at the moment, and I still visit your blog regularly and enjoy your great pictures! Keep up the good work, karet vaghean doroste!

  4. Beautiful! Religion is a good thing for a society as a whole. Unfortunately, majority of western youth only care about sex,drugs,alcohol,pop culture.etc…… they are too busy listening to Lady Gaga and Britney spears. they have no Idea what’s going on in the world.. they have no respect for human life. I wish more people turn into religion , have faith in God , and have self respect.

    • Well, if you watch stupid TV show, yes. I’m from the west. And a huge part of the young people I meet are not obsess by sex, drugs and other shitty stuff. Don’t make stereotype, it only leads to racism. I’m sure your better than this!
      Have a good day 🙂

  5. Your pictures are just freaking amazing!! Nice job!

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