Tehran at Night

Tehran, December 2012

Some Night view in Winter without air pollution.


 Milad Tower at Night


North of Tehran at a foggy Night

~ by Amir on 6 January, 2013.

13 Responses to “Tehran at Night”

  1. alieee

  2. Absolutely fantastic shots!

  3. fogholadasss mersi vase axaye ghashanget

  4. Bright urban lights at night !

    Cities all around the world can be quite spectacular in the hours after the sun sinks below the horizon. Tehran looks to be no exception.

    Prayers for Persia.

  5. man that was some cool pictures do you have them in higher resolution full hd tehran looks real magical.

  6. Love the blog – theculturetrip.com has featured you on their Iran page http://theculturetrip.com/middle-east/iran/ email us if you want to discuss collaboration!

  7. That is beautiful. living there as american I was home sick .I remember at night I pretendeI LOVd to be back in the USA because it was dark I love Iran

  8. yeke!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. veryyy nice

  10. Hi, Can I get the high quality version of these images to print?

  11. From where did you shoot first and third pictures?

  12. Do you have a high resolution version of these for sale? If so, please provide a website.

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