Happy Life

Tehran, Mellat Park, 2013/5/20

Life is going on in Tehran. My website is a sign for everybody that think we don’t live peaceful.



~ by Amir on 21 May, 2013.

7 Responses to “Happy Life”

  1. What a longggggggg throw!!!!

  2. Its beautiful to see that ,Ilived in Iran for 10 yrs. and I’m American .thank you fot letting others see this,please keep posting pictures it makes me homesick I love iran

  3. I have come to enjoy all of the photos here.I lived in the northern part of Tehran for many yrs. I was wondering if whom ever is taking these photo’s would take a few of my street and the store I used to shop at its called super Dahki its on manzarieh also mt old street called Aryia alley bonbast qheytarieh. and parke gheytarieh it would be highly appricated

  4. Good to see friendly happy people in Iran. Just like we saw friendly happy people in Berlin in 1935. Hopefully Iran will take a different path.

    • I have lived in the US all my life, I wish that Americans would have taken a different path instead of annihilating the indigenous tribes and building it’s wealth on 300 years of African slavery and racism.

  5. Greetings this is amazing ! Your country is beautiful, full of culture and a rich history.

    Here in the US , the image of Iran is false.

    That is sad but true. Peace be to you and your great country and great people.

    • Many thanks dear John. I’m trying to change that false mind about Iran. It’s your kindness about us. I love US people and wish the peace among our Governments.

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