About Tehran Live

Tehran Live is a photoblog of Tehran (Capital of Iran) Daily Images from every where of this Metropolis.It contains streets,buildings,shopping centers,parks,views and all corners of Tehran.
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Contact: tehranlive.org@gmail.com

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  1. Salaams,

    Just a quick note to say that I’ve really enjoyed your blog, and the interesting photos of Tehran. Ma sha Allah.

    Would it be OK to use them occasionally on my own blog?


    Abdur Rahman

  2. Very nice! You capture the pride of your city. Hopefully you are showing the western world that they are wrong to be so quick to judge a place they have never been. Tehran is a place I would be honored to visit.

    • The western culture does not think of your cities as bad or dangerous, I would love to be able to visit parts of the middle east. It’s your leaders who give us cause for concern.

  3. واقعا” عالیه . تو این جوری داری تهران رو به مردم دیگر کشور ها میشناسونی .همون کاری رو که من دارم انجام میدم.خیلی دلم میخواد بیشتر باهات آشنا بشم .یه سر به وبلاگم بزن

  4. Bravo! …
    great photos
    can i put a link to it in my blog?

  5. لاو یو

  6. Thanks for these photos. I lived in Teheran as a young girl in the early 60s. They were the best years of my childhood and I loved living there. I am amazed to see in your pictures how much the city has grown. I would love to go back and visit again. I live in daily dread that the current idiots in the white house will do something stupid and attack Iran. This would be such a terrible tragedy.

    • President Obama stated there is only wish for peaceful discussions. While it is okay to agree to disagree, the world and all its’ peoples must not repeat the part of history that doomed civilization with violence, but an agenda of dialogue, respectful discussions. It takes two to have a discussion. The past echoes of subconjugated threats and egomaniacal demands got us no where- except worse off, and with no real hard evidence to act on the desires of a few self-serving officials, who did not accurately represent the majority opinions of America and its’ people.
      Hopefully, with a new US President who is conveying America’s sentiments, a new page can be written.

  7. In photos it looks beatiful, maybe i’ll travel there sometime 😡

  8. hehehe
    hi all, here talk everyone about Tehran, but..
    yadeshoon rafte ke Farsi bayad sohbat konan!!!
    Ghabl az inke Tehrani bashim, Irani hastim 😉

  9. 😀 ok, Amir, as you wish!!

  10. Fabulous photos! (It’s so painful to see what I missed few years ago)

  11. عکس ها خیلی جالبن
    موفق باشی

  12. Great photos, well done. Keep up the good work.

  13. Amir Jaan, damet garm for the great photos and blog. I just wanted to tell you that I used one of your pictures on my blog (www.TehranShake.com) but of course with citation. please let me know if that’s not okay with you, I’ll take it out.

  14. تهران شهر زيبايي هاست

    تهران پايتخت كشور ايران ماست

    تهران ، هميشه از نگاه دوربين زيباست

  15. تهران شهر زيبايي هاست

    تهران پايتخت كشور ايران ماست

    تهران ، هميشه از نگاه دوربين زيباست


  16. Love the photos….

    Iranian Ajax

  17. very nice dear amir

  18. alie

    • You should take part in a contest for one of the highest quality websites online.

      I will highly recommend this site!

  19. Tehran is a nice,huge city when we see with the eyes of the camera. Depends on how wide and well the eyes can get to show both
    the beauty and painful aspects of life in Tehran.
    Let’s show the other face of Tehran as well! Bachehhaye khiabani, Prostitution, Hunger, Mass Capital Punishment, lack of medical care for the poor. Islam means Peace!!! but Tehran’s peace is for Aghazadeha and their servants only.

  20. Tehran is my favourit place..

    I love Iran…

    Tehran jaan-e-mmn ast..

  21. salam amir jan
    vaghean khaste nabashi

  22. salam duste aziiiz lotfan ba man tams begiiire
    66 72 8950-6 mirase farhangii va gardesh gari

  23. this is an exciting blog.
    let me know if we can exchange links:
    mine is http://milkparade.wordpress.com

  24. Added

  25. salam!
    well done on the photos
    I hope to visit Tehran in the near future.
    Is it alright if I link to your blog?


  26. This is a really great blog. I’ve linked to it in my latest post – let me know if you’d prefer I take it down. Thanks for posting! -rivkah

  27. dorood bar shoma
    Your pictures are fantastic. Being an art/architect student i stumbled upon this site when i googled for cinema mellat. I check your site almost everyday eager to see new photos from my motherland that i cant visit.

    I was wondering if you happen to know which architect designed the cinema mellat. Im doing a little research on modern iranian architecture to write about it on my blog:


  28. dorood bar shoma
    Your pictures are fantastic. Being an art/architect student i stumbled upon this site when i googled for cinema mellat. I check your site almost everyday eager to see new photos from my motherland that i cant visit.

    I was wondering if you happen to know which architect designed the cinema mellat. Im doing a little research on modern iranian architecture to write about it on my blog.:


  29. Your work really impress me.

    Damet Garm =)

  30. these comments are full of mistakes! you can speak Persian, can’t you?

  31. عزیز جون ما منتظر عکسای جدیدت هستیم یه کم عجله کن؛قربونت

  32. I love the images you post on this website.

    Also check out new updates and photos about the rigged election in Iran and other marches happening in Iran and other countries at http://2009iran.wordpress.com/

  33. Great pictures. They almost the same as tehran as it was back in 1979.
    great Job.

  34. I was told this site is currently unavailable in Iran, and I would very much like to mirror your content on one of the servers I have access to, either in the United States or Canada. If I have your permission to do so, and if someone can direct me how best to do this, (I’ve never mirrored anyone else’s content before) it would be most appreciated!

  35. Salam,
    Dust dashtam manam Iran budam wa tu in tazahorat sherkat mikardam. To ro be khoda edame bedin shaiad be jai residim. Mowafagh bashid.

  36. Great blog! It gives your country a new face

  37. Amazing photos, you are very courageous people. I will be praying for you and your country.

  38. It is my sincere hope that your people will finally have peace. Don’t give up!

  39. Para el pueblo de Iran. Los ojos del mundo miran el valor de sus ciudadanos con respeto y hermandad. Todos en America Latina Y en el mundo rezan por un Iran libre.

  40. I admire the protestors for their bravery and their passion for freedom. I am a regular US citizen who was shocked by what clearly looks like a coup. Stolen election. The picture blog helps alot to show my friends what you are going through. You are so much better than your leaders. Your struggle is on my mind and you are in my heart.

  41. The world is watching and millions support your right to have your vote count. You have friends and admirers in every city, town and village in the world. Know you are not alone! Regardless of where you stand, for permanant change, or to just have your vote counted in the democratic process, the world is watching and standing by your side. Your bravery inspires us all, against odds most of us, thankfully cannot imagine.

  42. Great job Amir

  43. solidarity for the Iranians brothers

  44. im kind of new in these thingz,but im interested.i don know how it works , do i have to be a member of this page,…?

  45. I am slightly ashamed that I found your site while looking for pictures of the trouble that Iran is suffering however I would like to congratulate you on the pictures you are taking of these events. I hope you realise how important they are, document everything. Keep up the good work. I will make it a duty to remind myself of the day to day side of your country by looking through many of the other galleries. Thank you for the service you are doing and the danger you are placing yourself in to show us the situation.

  46. why doesn’t the following get posted in your blog? Is there a filter?

    TEENiCAFE presents 24/4 video streaming at – http://www.livestream.com/teenicafe

    TEENiCAFE is a video cast dedicated to international teen-2-teen communication that will stream 24/7. Please send a short and warm video message of support to youth in Iran to teenicafe@gmail.com and it will be broadcasted. Let every teen in the world know to participate and start a dialogue with each other. A live video conferencing will be launched in near future that will allow teens to have a real time live dialogue from different parts of the world with each other.

  47. Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.
    Abraham Lincoln

  48. Keep the good work. Your pictures are amazing and make all the iranians outside the country very pride.
    Take care !

  49. AMIR

    The new harder version of SONG FOR IRAN is done and here is the link. Investigate the election and prosecute him for shooting students!


    Here is the new video:

  50. do not give up iranians! you got the power

  51. Dear Iran,

    I’m sorry you are in such turmoil. My heart goes out to you! Stay strong and remember that peacefull resistance paves the road for change.

    The whole world is watching, and many in America are supporting you! There may be conflict between government, but there is not conflict between people. When I see my peers across the globe covered in blood I can’t help but shed tears.

    Julia : USA

    • Hi all fans Amir Sadeghi
      clashes in Tehran last night is missing. Please make this news release
      To pray for him

      • Homa, I let Dr. Azizi at Channel 1 in California know about the email from his family and I also made a quick iReport which is up on CNN, link below. I also sent the video to the nice people at Channel 1.

  52. The new video is doing incredibly well in INDIA as well as Korea and Sweden.

  53. Hope is a tremendous and wonderful thing, it can move mountains. Keep on truckin’ Iran.



  55. Too bad you put this big “tehranlive.org” across the images, some of them are truly great and this is ruining them. Anyway keep doing such a great job!

    • Hi all fans Amir Sadeghi
      Amir sadeghi is Photojournalist and thehran 24 weblog is him
      clashes in Tehran last night is missing. Please make this news release
      To pray for him

  56. @Ivo

    The images came that way… I’ve done two versions of this, total of five up on three channels on YouTube.


    • Hi all fans Amir Sadeghi
      Amir sadeghi is Photojournalist and thehran 24 weblog is him
      clashes in Tehran last night is missing. Please make this news release
      To pray for him [-o<

  57. Hi all fans Amir Sadeghi
    clashes in Tehran last night is missing. Please make this news release
    To pray for him [-o<

  58. Hello, I am indian but i must say this site is very good example of viewing and showing and expressing your view and pictures.

  59. Hello freedom fighters

    I got an email from one of his loved ones, Amir and some friends did not return last night and were arrested. I have spoken with the Iranian television station people and we ARE going to get the word out today on their tv station about his disappearance. Please stay strong.


  60. Iran, the world is with you in your fight for democracy, may allah give you the power to fight for this noble cause.
    May allah look after amir-jan and countless Iranians fighting the Green Revolution of 2009. My prayers go out to the courageous young men and women who have to fight for change even after voting. Inshallah change will come to Iran.

  61. Hello friends and family of Amir

    Here is the link to an iReport i just put up


    Ian Victorian

  62. My hopes are with you and your family–that you do return safely, so you can continue your inspiring work. You have let the world know what is happening in Iran, and you have helped the world understand the strength and bravery of your people.

  63. is it the families wishes that this photographer be identified by name?
    i would think current exigencies might merit more discretion.

  64. Yes, Pietro. I got an email directly from them and was asked to spread the news.

  65. […] is a new comment on the post “About Tehran 24″. http://tehranlive.org/?page_id=2/ Author: Ian Comment: Hello freedom […]

  66. […] is a new comment on the post “About Tehran 24″. http://tehranlive.org/?page_id=2/ Author: Ian Comment: Hello freedom […]

  67. I am a us citizen praying for Amir’s safe return and for your freedom from evil as Iranian people.

  68. Ian,

    thanks for your reply clarifying your communication with this photographer’s family. 1 am also a photojournalist, hope you can understand my concern about protocol. i guess its sort of a moot point as her/his identity is fairly easily discernible from other content on this website.

    i know this would be like finding a needle in a haystack, but can you forward the link below to “tehran 24’s” family. as the security forces are preparing to remove from the scene the second man being arrested they can be seen packing up what looks like a camera bag, presumably belonging to the srrestee. is this our friend?

    i apologize for raising hope by knowing hope.

  69. Yes Pietro, of course, I will forward the link.


  70. May the Iranian people’s will and heart prevail as one to true victory

  71. I’ve made a video with the above footage… it sounds like someone got shot…

  72. Where can we donate to your cause??? What can I do to help????

  73. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=99767380683

    Hope this helps.

  74. I love your blog!
    The photos here are beautiful and so are the citizens of Iran. I yearn for the day to visit the “cradle of civilation” and to meet such loving a caring people in your country. ( Ihave in other countries I’ve visited)
    With lots of love,
    Endless Traveler

  75. Ian
    its being reported on the facebook page linked above, and on another comment thread on this website that the family says amir has been taken to evin prison. have you been in contact with them, have they confirmed this? and did anyone recognize the detainee in the video posted above?
    thanks, again.

  76. Sorry to remove the footage, but it was on CNN tehn I got contacted by a company in Europe claiming ownership… anyway still working hard on getting the word out, Amnesty International is now aware

  77. I was informed by someone outside the family who was in contact with them and apparently that is supposed to be where he is…

  78. Gettng more info on the condition of Amir, he may have been allowed to call home…

  79. He is definitely at Evin. Someone named Leila reports that Amir called home to say he is OK and will be home next week. I have a very hard time believing this.

  80. I know you guys in Iran don’t get much news, but both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died today…. I’m sure there are some fans there, although that’s not what is on their minds…

  81. Tell all that the people of the U.S.A. are supporting them. My heart has been captured by those who are protesting. You are all so strong and I hope the protesters voices will be heard.

  82. People of Iran continue to protest and fight if nessecary to drive the evil from your country.After 30 years of oppression may you all soon know true freedom.We in Canada and around the world will rejoice when you have thrown off the yoke of clerical tyranny that oppresses your entire nations freedom to move forward.

  83. I am to be interviewed on Iranian television today and I’ve chosen my words very carefully. Will keep you updated on the footage.

    Ian V.

  84. It was a great rally, maybe two hundred people and another two hundred going by in cars all the time honking. I got to give Mahmoud a piece of my mind which will be translated and likely shown on Persian television here… it was fun making fun of you in front of the whole crowd with words they taught me only today!

  85. I mean by that making fun of Mahmoud which brought many smiles to the crowd…

  86. I also wore a t-shirt with Neda on it. I was there for the entire rally! I met a girl whose brother had been killed, and will be doing a video on that soon I hope. I am going to the next rally tomorrow…

  87. Today’s rally in front of the Federal Building had probably 10,000 people,it was a LOT!! One woman fainted and they called paramedics, they think diabetic problem, I gave them a candy… but I tried to get them to announce that Amir was home and they didn’t want to do it! I did tell a bunch of people about it and they definitely were listening…

    Ian Victorian

  88. Stay safe Amir. Many people around the world are glad to hear you are o.k.

  89. I would like Mahmoud to know that this nice young man Amir was approached by me and probably thought I was your normal journalist and had no idea that I was and still am an outrageously fearless drag queen television producer who not only bucks the system but is unlikely to listen to men who suppress freedom of speech, and who is one extremely media saavy individual. I am easily offended by dictators and other bullies on the other side of the world, and not just in Iran but in Europe, Asia and in this country as well.

    For me, Mahmoud, it wasn’t even about your politics or the election at first. I’ve already had you on my radar for a while, ever since I heard you hang gay men from a crane! Then I heard you hit women! I’m like a hate seeking missile, and my weapon is satire. Yet you’re not even the one in charge are you? To borrow a line from Mommie Dearest, I’ve fought bigger monsters than you for years, in school. radio, tv, movies, life, and in my own home. You have no idea who I am or what I do, you were shocked that people stood up to you, but that is nothing compared to what is coming, monkeyshines. And your little internet knob cannot help you.

    The only thing that can is releasing all of those arrested and allowing new elections.

    Ms. LaReina
    LaReina TV

  90. Hey Amir, glad your back! Can you beleive the dust storm that rose over Iran?

    I just posted new pictures on it http://2009iran.wordpress.com/

  91. Amir
    We love your site. My father and I have been following it for years now. My family was very concerned when you stopped posting. I am glad you are well. Let us know how we can help. You have options. Stay strong and optimistic.

  92. Hello, I, Dara, am a Zarathusti from Mumbai (India). Can I get to see fotos of ALL Fire-temples of Iran & also varied other fotos.

  93. Thank you for nice photos! I’ve lived in Tehran in 1979- 1982 and consider this wonderful city to be my second Motherland. Hope, once I’ll be able to walk along Villa street again, see the chinaars of Zargandeh. Tehran is my “HAPPY PLACE”.

    Could you please display some images of Mirza Kuchak Khan Hospital and it’s surroundings?

  94. Hi! I said let’s make the 100th comment here for this nice photoblog! I enjoy your photos. Keep the nice job.

  95. The American people do not hate the Iranian people. In fact, they have a lot of respect for the people, especially those who oppose the tyranny of their government. It’s unfortunate though that the Iranian people as a whole don’t have enough courage to defeat their hateful government that is more worried about building nuclear weapons instead of providing liberty to the men and women tat make up the proud Iranian culture.

  96. We know that your country is constantly under attack by shadow forces… more and more people are waking up! courage!

  97. پیروز باشید و سربلند

  98. You are hell of a photographer , I adore what you are doing 🙂

  99. Salaam,
    Its such a pleasure to see your photos. I recently came to know about this blog and in so less time i viewed more than 50 pages of your photos. I never knew Iran was so developed. Viewing your photos make me feel as if I’m present there. Its my great desire to visit the wonderful and ancient Iran/Persia. I think Iranians are so friendly and extremely hospitable but unfortunately, i consider the people of Iran very shallow as how many Iranians i encountered so far seems to be unaware of their identities and have no balance between the spiritual and materialistic aspects of themselves. I pray for the best of Iran and its people. May God bless Iran and all its people, amen.

  100. Stumbled on your blog, great photos. Teheran is nice, too bad, the iranian leaders want to drag the the world to confrontation over the nuke issue. Iranians are great people.

  101. I was pleased to look at this site, not only for the impressive photos but for the strenght of life which is shown, despite the situation this Country must afford. I hope the Tehran woman I met abroad will be able to reach me in Italy soon.

  102. Hi VEry nice posts i’sure i’sts nice

  103. I just wanted to congratulate you for this amazing photoblog, it gives a great glimpse on life in Tehran! I happen to put take some picutres of the city myself as well, so I take the opportunity to give you my site address here in case it interests some people: http://www.heliotropisme.com/

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    You made my day by your site……
    I’ll send it to all my friends
    Thanks again
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  106. I enjoy visiting this website. There are invariably some beautiful pictures of life in the Iranian capital. Prayers for Amir and the good people of Persia !

  107. کاشکی قبل از این که این اتفاق های قشنگ قشنگ تو شهرمون رخ می ده اعلام کنی تا ما هم بریم نه این که عکسارو ببینیم بعد افسوس بخوریم که تموم شد چرا ما نرفتیم

  108. wonderfull shots…..amasing website!!!

  109. Hello
    I am from Delhi India , want to know current cost of living of tehran . If i have a company accomodation at Tehran , who much i need in USD for regular life on monthly basis.
    Please help me in sharing the details
    Khuda Hafiz

  110. I am from USA and lived in Tehran for yrs.from 79-89 it was hard for everyone .I love this country there is something about it that stays in your soul.I went back 8 mths.ago and loved being there your are warm careing people.I speak farsi well wouldn’t mind having a villa near shomal.I love the shots keep them coming makes me so meloncoly

  111. Very nice country. I know some people from this country and can say they are very nice, too. It just gave me the desire to go there and emerge into this beautiful environment. Sorry of the american (and western propaganda)… Neither East nor West (by Bird, I think) is a good book to get free from such a propaganda.


  112. Great pics, my best moments in life happened in this city … can’t wait to see it again

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  116. Would like to have more pics on Tehran & all of Iran, a beautiful country.

  117. That would be nice ,to see the Northern parts of Tehran.especially the areas I lived.mersi.I visited Tehran last yr.I’m planning on another visit .mersi

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