Amazing Street

Mirzaye Shirazi Street, Tehran, 2008/2/2

Amazing Street

Exif: Canon EOS 30D, Shutter Speed:1/400sec, Apreture:F/5.6, ISO:100 @ 53mm

This street has 3 lanes for cars. Two lanes for going to north and one lane in middle for going to south of street. Mirzaye Shirazi Street/Abbas Abad

~ by Amir on 2 February, 2008.

15 Responses to “Amazing Street”

  1. salam, man nagereftam, khoob che eshkal dare???
    Hi, i dont underestand, what is the problem?

    hamsie shad bashi
    Best Wish:D

  2. thanks homa, did i say is there any problem? i just said it’s an amazing street. what problem did u see?

  3. i mean what is it amazing?

  4. all streets has 1 lane or 2 lanes, not 3 lane

  5. all streets has 1 lane or 2 lanes, not 3 lanes

  6. homa jo0n chera nemigiri agha mifarmayand hame khiabanha 1 line va nahayatan 2 line darand ke be avali khiabane yetarafe va eb dovomi 2 tarafe miguyand(noghTe)
    ama in khiabun 3 ta line dare…
    kho0bin shoma agha amir?!

  7. migiram leila jan, vali aslantam ajib nist,chichish ajibe????
    mahze mokhalefat:D 😉
    Dear Amir, it is not amazing. i got it, why you write reanimate?
    why you nervous?why you fustigate? why you khashin niga mikoni:((

    hardotoon Best Wish

  8. e homa jo0n chera ba amir khareji sohbat mikoni amir kharejie ya mikhay man moltafet nasham harfato0no!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok it is true!
    I am a pen on the umberella or table i dOn’T kNow!
    Wishh or Ish, I get , nevER Mind.

  9. Hey Girls look,
    both you are true, i am wrong…
    what a ghalati i did that i took in axooooo :((
    pick up your hand from my head! 😀

  10. hi liela joOn , nono, because this chile speak english:D
    Amir , plz you do as this ghalata;))
    i’m jock. you are successful, Leila too.

    ajab englishi bacheha khoda nakone yeki byad bekhoone =))

  11. i mean you dont do as this ghalata:D
    dige dige, i’m Homa

  12. i see amir’s com now ,
    va , what ghalata!
    jane homa!
    shahrdary ghalata,
    srteet dorost karde amazing ina,

    migam homa hala ke amir ggggggggo shode ni bia inja sholo0gh conim 🙂

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